Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

Updated July 19th 2021

Effective Monday July 19th, the English Government have removed the majority of restrictions put in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, whilst infection rates and cases continue to rise, for the immediate future I would request that visitors to my office continue to respect social distancing, wear a face mask and use hand sanitiser before handling goods.  Disposable face masks and hand sanitiser are available for customer use immediately on entry to my premises.  It is not a legal requirement and I will not be forcing people to do this, it is purely their choice but I would like to hope that my customers remain aware that the pandemic is not over, nor is it likely to be anytime soon - we all just have to be careful and mindful of others and their wishes.


I shall also continue to follow these same practices when working in customer homes and on business premises.

When working on customer systems, I have always used antibacterial wipes on all computer equipment which is bought into my office prior to using it and also before collection/delivery/return.  I will continue to do this as I believe it heightens cleanliness and protection for everyone.

Despite being 'double-jabbed', I will continue to carry out a lateral flow test twice weekly and record the results on the Government Covid-19 testing website.  If I have any concerns over my own health, or that of any of my immediate family members, I will take the appropriate action.  I request that customers notify me as soon as possible if they show or develop symptoms when I am due to visit them for any onsite work, or within 48 hours of having been in contact with them.

For customers who are self-isolating or shielding, or working from home, I am able to offer remote support services so can continue to offer I.T. support regardless of their (or my own) location.  Around 90% of my support work is already completed using remote support services which offer a quick and effective means of resolving problems.



If you have any concerns please contact me on 01243 374585.

This page will continue to be updated as/when required.  Thank you for your continuing understanding and support during these times.