Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

Updated 4th January 2021

Following the latest Government announcement of a new Nationwide lockdown in England, the Rascom I.T. office will remain closed to all visitors until further notice.

It is my understanding, from advice published on and taking previous lockdowns into account, that I can continue to work as normal but with some exceptions.

Therefore, with immediate effect, I will only be offering remote, telephone and email support although I am still able to supply new/refurbished goods for delivery/collection by appointment.

I will not be providing onsite services unless absolutely essential, or where remote support is not possible.  NHS workers, teaching staff and other keyworkers will be given priority.

Where onsite work cannot be avoided, I will take all necessary precautions including the use of hand sanitiser before/after as well as wearing a face mask and disposable gloves at all times.  I will expect all customers to maintain a minimum 2m distance whilst I am in their property and I will also use my own keyboard and mouse.

The office will not be manned at all times and calls to the usual office number will be diverted to an alternative number so that I do not have to travel there more than is essential.

I want, and need, to continue operating as normally as possible to be able to provide support to my customers but I have to balance that with ensuring that I, and my family, remain safe at all times.

Please call me on 01243 374585 if you have any questions or need IT Sales or support assistance.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay Safe!

Like everyone, I am concerned about the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and have been following advice from trusted sources to ensure I can protect my customers and also my family members.

Government guidelines currently indicate that I am still able to operate my business at all Tier levels and also in lockdown situations as I believe the UK Government defines those working in Information Technology sectors to still be able to assist people where required subject to standard Covid-19 requirements for social-distancing, the wearing of protective equipment and face coverings.

I would like to outline some of the steps taken so far:

  • For many years, I have always used antibacterial wipes on all computer equipment which is bought into my office prior to using it.  All computer equipment is also wiped over with antibacterial wipes prior to delivery/return. This practise will continue during, and after, the outbreak.

  • I expect customers at homes/workplaces/sites where I am working to maintain the 2m social distancing rules whilst I am onsite.  Where this is not possible, the use of face coverings will be required/requested where possible.

  • Visitors to the office are requested to maintain a 2m distance from anyone else in the office other than members of their own household and no more than two (2) visitors are allowed in the office at the same time.

  • I have a UV-C disinfecting lamp to safely and securely clean all equipment prior to use.  UV-C lighting has been proven to eradicate 99.9% of all pathogens during a 3-minute cleaning cycle.  There is no damage to the devices being cleaned and there is no danger to the public as a result of the cleaning method.

  • I have hand sanitiser and disposable masks available for use upon entry to the office, and also carry them in my vehicle for use before and after visiting customer premises.

  • I will also use my own keyboard and mouse when working with customers computer systems in homes or places of businesses which will be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes before and after usage.

  • Visitor seating has been removed.

If I have any concerns over my own health, or that of any of my immediate family members, I will take the necessary action.  I request that customers do the same and notify me as soon as possible if they show or develop symptoms when I am due to visit them for any onsite work.

For customers who are self-isolating or shielding, or working from home, I am able to offer remote support services so can continue to offer I.T. support regardless of their (or my own) location.  Around 90% of my support work is already completed using remote support services which offer a quick and effective means of resolving problems.



If you have any concerns please contact me on 01243 374585.  This page will also be regularly updated as/when situations change.  It is my intention to remain open for as long as possible, and I have put systems in place so that if I am required to work from home, I can still continue to provide support to my customers.

Thank you for your understanding in these difficult and testing times.

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