Notice to all customers of Gemstone Computers

Following the closure of Gemstone Computers in 2020, Tommy and I have agreed that I would take on his existing customer database to offer my solutions and services to you all.  I have known and worked with Tommy for many years, prior to him forming Gemstone Computers, and we have worked together on a handful of occasions for his customers to either provide IT Support services or additional solutions such as AVG Internet Security software.


I formed my business in 2003 and have almost thirty years of experience in supporting computer systems including dealing with users and consultants on a global scale.  I am based in Emsworth, on the South Coast, and offer a wide range of computer-related services including support, consultancy, software, repairs/upgrades etc. in addition to selling new and refurbished desktop and laptop systems.  Although I specialise in Microsoft Windows-based systems, I also have experience in selling and support Apple-based desktop and laptops.

For anyone who may be concerned about my location compared to Tommy's, I offer secure remote support services which allow me to securely take control of a user's computer system to troubleshoot, identify and fix problems.  Over 90% of all support calls that I deal with are now fixed remotely resulting in a quicker (and lower cost) solution to get your systems working properly again.  My existing customer base is already widespread, covering not just my local area but areas such as Cornwall, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, the Midlands and London.

I also own another business, Touchscreens Direct, which sells digital interactive touchscreen displays to businesses around the world should this also be of additional interest to any existing Gemstone customers.

If anyone has any questions, requirements or would like further information on the products and solutions that I can offer, I can be contacted on 01243 374585 or you can visit my website at  My direct email address is