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Having previously worked in an I.T. Department of a global automotive consultancy company, I was responsible for sourcing and preparing computer hardware for employees around the world.  I needed to ensure that the products being supplied to the employees offered value-for-money for the business but would also be hard-wearing and long-lasting for the employees using them.

In running my own businesses, I have continued to only work with manufacturers and suppliers who I know to offer value-for-money products and a reliable service, and who are recognised as leading providers in the industry.  Although my returns rate is exceptionally low I also ensure that any manufacturers can provide a fast post-sales response should one of my own customers be having an issue with their hardware.

My businesses have a combined annual turnover in excess of £300k and as a result of this I am able to leverage better pricing from my suppliers which I, in turn, pass on to my customers.

It has always been my belief in supplying goods to my customers that I would not recommend a product that I would not use myself.  My experience and extensive product knowledge means that I have high expectations of any products or equipment that I use and I apply that same principle when selling to my customers.

Whatever your I.T. requirements, give me a call on 01243 374585 and I would be happy to have a chat and see how I can help you.

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