Rascom I.T. stock a wide range of accessories, peripherals and consumables although we do not sell printer inks or toner.

Examples of products regularly available include:

  • Replacement power supplies for desktop systems

  • Replacement power supplies for laptops

  • Replacement hard disks

  • Replacement CD, DVD and and Blu-ray drives

  • Replacement case fans

  • Dedicated video cards for gaming or CAD/CAM usage

  • Memory upgrades

  • USB memory sticks (see below)

  • External USB hard disks (see below)

  • Broadband routers

  • Network switches

  • Network cables (see below) 

  • Power cables (see below)

  • Monitor cables (see below)

  • Audio cables (see below)

  • Computer cleaning products (see below)

  • ADSL micro filters.


External Storage

One of our most regularly-supplied items, we only supply branded storage devices for best performance and reliability.  All USB memory sticks are either Kingston, Sony or Transcend branded.  External USB hard disks are generally Toshiba, Maxtor or Buffalo branded.  Where possible we always try to supply latest generation USB3.0/USB 3.1 models for improved , faster data transfer speeds.

8Gb USB memory stick  :  £10 inc VAT
16Gb USB memory stick  :  £15 inc VAT
32Gb USB memory stick  :  £20 inc VAT
64Gb USB memory stick  :  £30 inc VAT

128Gb USB memory stick  :  £40 inc VAT

500Gb USB hard disk  :  £60 inc VAT
1Tb USB hard disk  :  £85 inc VAT


Cleaning Solutions

No matter where you use your computer system, it is going to attract dust.  Keyboards are notorious for harbouring crumbs and other foodstuffs and its not unheard of for us to open up a desktop or laptop system and find a spider or two in there!

Whenever anyone brings a computer system in to us for repair, I always try to give it a full clean before returning it back to you - fans which collect dust do not run at their best and this can cause systems to overheat.

Air Duster (aerosol can)   :  £7.50 inc VAT
Cleaning wipes (Tub of 100)  :  £7.50 inc VAT


I always have a wide selection of cables in stock.  From power leads for computer systems to mobile phone chargers, network cables, telephone cables, USB cables, printer cables and much more.  

UK power lead (3-pin 'kettle-style' connector)  :  £5.00 inc VAT
UK power lead (3-pin C5 Cloverleaf-style connector)  :   £5.00 inc VAT
Mobile phone charger (Fast charging, suitable for Sony/Samsung/HTC etc. devices)  :  £15.00 inc VAT
1m CAT6 Snagless network cable  :  £5.00 inc VAT
2m CAT6 Snagless network cable  :  £7.00 inc VAT
5m CAT6 Snagless network cable  :  £10.00 inc VAT
10m CAT6 Snagless network cable  :  £15.00 inc VAT
VGA monitor cable - 1.8m    £5.00 inc VAT
DVI monitor cable - 1.8m    £6.50 inc VAT
Professional-grade HDMI monitor cable - 1.8m    £10.00 inc VAT
Professional-grade DisplayPort monitor cable - 1.8m    £15.00 inc VAT
USB printer cable A-B - 1.8m    £5.00 inc VAT
USB extension cable A-A - 1.8m    £5.00 inc VAT
Parallel printer cable - 1.8m    £6.50 inc VAT
3.5mm audio cable (for connecting computers to monitor speakers)    £5.00 inc VAT

Whatever your requirements, please call me on 01243 374585 and I will be happy to help.