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As a business owner, I have worked with home users and small-to-medium businesses since 2003.  Before that, as an employee of other companies, I have been providing I.T Support services to employees, individuals and businesses since 1994, not just within the UK but on a global basis.

I do not discriminate between customers - my charges are the same whether the customer is a home user, has a home-based business or operates a million-pound turnover business.  I treat all customers fairly and equally.

Support work makes up over 75% of Rascom I.T.'s work, from helping customers with system issues, providing advice and assistance for day-to-day computer problems, installing software or even installing brand new systems, there is a wide range of support services that I am able to offer.

If you need help with your computer equipment or home/business network then call me on 01243 374585 and I will be happy to help.


Remember....  I offer a no-fix, no-fee service so I cannot fix something then I won't charge you.

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