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Printers, Scanners and Copiers

With such a wide selection of printers on the market, it can often be confusing about what is a good one, which one offers the best features and which manufacturers are better than others.


Rascom I.T. have used and recommended Hewlett Packard (HP), Epson and Lexmark printers for a number of years.  HP offer an excellent choice of inkjet-based printers and multifunctional devices (integrated solutions comprising printer, scanner, copier) for home and business usage, as well as a wide range of laser printers for those looking for higher-quality printing.  Lexmark have consistently produced high-quality laser printers primarily for use in business environments for a number of years. We also offer IT Support.

Please call me to discuss your printer requirements on 01243 374585 and I will be happy to help or advise.

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