Laptop Computers

Rascom I.T. can supply laptop solutions for a wide range of applications.


From simple systems for educational use or general home applications to high-end gaming or CAD design, there is a range of products to suit all needs.  I commonly supply solutions from specific brand-name manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, Toshiba and Acer.

With so many different laptops available in the market, it can be a minefield trying to identify what is best for you.  By discussing your needs, I will do this for you.  Personally, I do not use or recommend Intel Celeron or Pentium-powered systems as I feel these processors are under-powered for regular usage and I often hear of users complaining that their systems are running slowly shortly after purchasing their new systems (not from me I should point out).  For only a very slight increase in cost, systems powered by an Intel Core-i3 based or better processor offer much better value for money, increased performance and generally have a longer lifespan.

All laptops include a free initial set-up service so that your new system is ready to use as soon as you receive it and switch it on - including the installation of any relevant system updates and any additional software applications as requested.

If you are replacing an existing system, I can transfer documents and other data from your old computer onto the new system for just £30 inc VAT (up to 100Gb of data).

15.6" display laptops (HP / Asus / Lenovo etc.)

Intel Core-i3, 4Gb memory, 128Gb SSD/500Gb HDD, Microsoft Windows 10 Home  :  from £425 inc VAT

Intel Core-i3, 4Gb memory, 128Gb SSD/500Gb HDD, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro :  from £500 inc VAT

Intel Core-i5, 4Gb memory, 128Gb SSD/500Gb HDD, Microsoft Windows 10 Home  :  from £500 inc VAT

Intel Core-i5, 4Gb memory, 128Gb SSD/500Gb HDD, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro  :  from £575 inc VAT

For other display sizes, or different specifications, please contact me on 01243 374585 to discuss your requirements.

Software options

LibreOffice 6  :  included free of charge for customers without Microsoft Office

LibreOffice is a free alternative to the Microsoft Office suite of programs

You can compare LibreOffice 5 with the latest version of Microsoft Office here.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019  :  £130 inc VAT

(Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word)

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019  :  £265 inc VAT

(Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)

Microsoft Office Professional 2019  :  £425 inc VAT

(Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word)


Systems ordered by 12.00pm Monday to Friday can normally be supplied within 3-5 working days (within UK mainland) subject to availability.

Warranty Terms and Conditions
All laptop computers are supplied with a one year return-to-manufacturer parts and labour hardware warranty.  In the event that a warranted fault is experienced with these systems, customers should contact Rascom I.T. in the first instance and provide details of the fault/symptoms.  Initial diagnostics and fault resolution will be attempted where possible.  If I am unable to offer a solution, I will liaise with the manufacturer for the fault to be resolved.  Any goods returned within 30 days of the purchase date, and confirmed as faulty by the manufacturer, shall be replaced or refunded.  Refunds will not be offered on systems returned after thirty days nor on systems where a problem has been identified within 30 days from purchase but the customer has declined to return them to us for refund or repair.

Operating system faults/incompatibilities and/or other software products are excluded from all warranties.