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Data Recovery

Sometimes, disk drives fail.  I always recommend that customers have an up-to-date and useable backup of their important data at all times but we're all guilty of not doing this - even me sometimes!

I offer a basic data recovery service which can recover files which have been lost or accidentally deleted from disk drives and USB memory sticks, or a more comprehensive mid-level recovery service to recover files from damaged or faulty hard disks.

It is important to stress that I offer no assurances or guarantees on what data can be recovered, or the validity/integrity of it.

Data recovery can be a lengthy and time-consuming process but something that has to be done carefully and with patience.  Interrogate a faulty hard disk too intensely and it will fail completely and be completely useless.  Better that I take my time to try to recover as much of your informaiton as possible.

I charge a fixed fee of £30.00 inc VAT for a basic data recovery service (deleted files), or £50.00 inc VAT per 250Gb of data for more complex recovery requirements or where the hard disk is damaged or faulty as this usually involved more "hands-on" time.

I can transfer recovered data to another pre-supplied disk drive or, for an additional cost, I can restore the data to a CD, DVD, USB Memory Stick or external USB hard disk drive.

If you need me to recover data from your disk drives, call me on 01243 374585 and I would be happy to discuss your requirements.  I also offer IT support including computer repairs, sales and associated services.

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