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I do not charge a call-out fee (conditions apply, see below).
I do not charge for diagnostics if the equipment is bought into my office for investigation/examination.
I do not charge if I cannot fix the problem.

I offer competitive pricing for all of my work.  Some services are covered by fixed-rate pricing and all work is undertaken on a no-fix, no-fee policy.


Rascom I.T. is fully insured for all works and VAT-registered.  I fully accept that this sometimes means that my pricing is higher than 'someone up the road', 'a friend' or 'this bloke down the pub' but all of my work is guaranteed, I have full public liability insurance up to £1,000,000 and I pay my taxes.  I have been in business since 2003 and have many happy (and loyal) customers.  I still work with customers who first came to me for support and new systems over fifteen years ago.


A Which? survey in 2018 found that on average, independent I.T. companies were quicker and cheaper than their High Street equivalents on a range of common support issues.


Standard Charges

Telephone, email or remote support  :  £45.00 inc VAT per hour*

Onsite support (home or office)  :  £60.00 inc VAT per hour*

* A minimum charge of 30 minutes for all works undertaken applies, and all charges are rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes.  However, I am quite relaxed and am happy to offer a bit of free assistance and advice via telephone, email or remote support if the solution is quick and simple.

Call-out Charges

There are no call-out charges for customers within a twelve mile radius of my office.  Visits to customers outside of this area may be subject to call-out charges depending on conditions and availability.  Please call me on 01243 374585 to discuss your requirements and any potential charges,

Travel Charges

I do not charge travel for customer support calls within twelve miles of my office or if I am able to combine multiple customer visits in a single journey.  Where a travel charge is applicable, I only charge the Government's standard allowance rate of 48pence per mile excluding VAT in a round-trip (shortest route as calculated by Google Maps).

Common Services

Operating System re-install / rebuild  :  £75.00 inc VAT

Data backup/restore  :  from £30.00 inc VAT (depending on the amount of data involved)

​System rebuild with data backup/restore (up to 50Gb)  :  £100.00 inc VAT

Onsite setup/installation service for new systems  :  £60.00 inc VAT (up to 2hrs)

Data Recovery  :  from £50.00 inc VAT

Offsite PC MOT Service (System Healthcheck)  :  £50 inc VAT

Onsite PC MOT Service (System Healthcheck)  :  £60 inc VAT

Virus/Spyware removal  :  £50 inc VAT

Disk cleansing / secure system disposal  :  £25.00 inc VAT

For more information on other services available, please call me on 01243 374585.


I have always prided myself on the quality of the goods and services I provide to my customers.  Having been established in Wiltshire for over twelve years, and then in Emsworth since 2016, Rascom I.T. has been built up into a highly regarded business with an excellent business reputation.

I find that in my line of work, customer recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals are the most important and successful forms of advertising.  I have included a selection of testimonials and customer feedback on my Feedback page.

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