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System Rebuilds or Re-installations

When your computer really does not want to do what you want it to, or you want the ultimate clean-up solution, sometimes a system rebuild is the best option.

I offer two rebuild services - one is for simply the re-installation of your existing operating system (charged at £50.00 inc VAT) or the other, more popular option, involves completely wiping the hard disk, re-installing the operating system from scratch, installing all of the latest hardware device driver software for controlling components such as display, audio, networking etc. installing any additional manufacturer-supported software (DVD players, system management tools etc.) and then applying any additional updates etc. to make sure your system is fully up to date and running to its absolute optimum.

I charge a fixed fee of £75.00 inc VAT for a system rebuild, with an additional £25.00 inc VAT for customers wishing for me to backup their data prior to the rebuild (documents, photos, videos, music etc.) and restore it once the rebuild work has been completed.

A system rebuild normally takes 2-3 working days, sometimes a day longer if I need to backup/restore data.

If you are interested in giving your computer system the ultimate clean-up, or its is just not wanting to behave, call me on 01243 374585 and we can arrange a convenient date/time for me to carry out the work for you.

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