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Repairs and Upgrades

The commonest aspect of ​my work - fixing things that are broken!

I am able to offer a wide range of computer repair services, from replacing faulty components to upgrading existing components or adding in additional compoents such as extra memory, secondary hard disk drive etc.

I only use high-quality branded components.  I do not opt for, or offer, cheap low-cost, unbranded goods.  There is a reason they are cheap, usually they are lower quality items or offer lower/reduced performance.

Examples of the items I am able to repair or upgrade include:

  • Hard disk drives

  • Memory

  • Video cards

  • Network cards (wired and wireless)

  • Laptop screens (subject to make/model and availability)

  • Laptop/Desktop optical drives (CD, DVD, Blu-ray)

  • Replacement motherboards.

All repair work is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

I will also perform diagnostics and provide full documentation for any customers requiring Insurance claims.  There is a charge of £25 inc VAT for this service.

Whatever your I.T. requirements, give me a call on 01243 374585 and I would be happy to have a chat and see how I can help you.

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