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Refurbished Systems

Experience has shown in recent years that, sometimes, customers would rather invest in good quality second hand equipment than in buying new (much like when buying a new car).

Whilst I have supplied 2nd user systems in the past, it has only ever been in situations where I have known the full history of the hardware and where I am satisfied that it is going to be a cost-effective investment for the customer for at least 2-3 years.

I have a small number of quality in-house refurbished systems in stock currently and am also able to offer a large selection of refurbished systems from leading manufacturers.

Refurbished desktop systems in stock

Lenovo V520s   :   £300 inc VAT
Intel i3-7100 3.90GHz, 8GB memory, 250GB SSD, Windows 11 Professional

Lenovo V520s   :   £350 inc VAT
Intel i5-7400 2.80GHz, 8GB memory, 500GB SSD, Windows 11 Professional

Lenovo V530s   :   £375 inc VAT
Intel i5-8400 2.80GHz, 8GB memory, 250GB SSD, BT, WiFi, Windows 11 Home

Refurbished laptops in stock

Dell Inspiron 7537  :  £250 inc VAT
Intel i7-4500U 1.80GHz, 16GB memory, 1Tb Samsung 870QVO SSD, nVidia GT-750M 2Gb video card,
15.6” Corning Glass screen, Aluminium chassis, Bluetooth, WiFi, Webcam**, Windows 11 Home

** Intermittent fault on webcam if screen is moved

Additional upgrade options including more memory, larger SSD drives etc. are also available.  Call for more details.



Software options

LibreOffice 7  :  included free of charge for customers without Microsoft Office

LibreOffice is a free alternative to the Microsoft Office suite of programs

You can compare LibreOffice 5 with the latest version of Microsoft Office here.

Microsoft 365 Personal:  £60 inc VAT (12-month subscription, renewable directly through Microsoft)

(Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, Word)

Microsoft 365 Family  :  £80 inc VAT (12-month subscription, renewable directly through Microsoft)

(Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, Word)

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021  :  £125 inc VAT

(Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word)

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021  :  £265 inc VAT

(Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)


For monitor options, please click here.

As refurbished stock changes on a daily basis, please call me on 01243 374585 and I can provide up to date information on refurbished stock and pricing.  Alternatively, send me an email with your requirements and I will contact you to discuss pricing and availability.

Warranty Terms and Conditions
All refurbished systems are supplied with a two year return-to-manufacturer parts and labour hardware warranty, upgradeable to a four year return-to-manufacturer hardware warranty upon application.  In the event that a warranted fault is experienced with these goods, customers should contact Rascom I.T. in the first instance and provide details of the fault/symptoms.  Initial diagnostics and fault resolution will be attempted where possible.  If I am unable to offer a solution, I will liaise with the original supplier for the fault to be resolved.  Any goods returned within 30 days of the purchase date, and confirmed as faulty by the manufacturer, shall be replaced or refunded.  Refunds will not be offered on systems returned after thirty days nor on systems where a problem has been identified within 30 days from purchase but the customer has declined to return them to us for refund or repair.

Operating system faults/incompatibilities and/or other software products are excluded from all warranties.

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