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Networking Consultancy

Almost everyone with a computer system now has some form of network in place.  Whether it be a simple connection between a computer, phone, tablet or printer to your Internet router or a multi-point network in a business environment.

I have extensive experience of all networks including wired, wireless, Powerline and Satellite solutions.

As a Netgear reseller partner, I commonly use and recommend their range of networking equipment as I find this offers excellent features and functionality alongside value-for-money.

I can investigate and resolve problems existing home and business networks, including confirming whether telehphone line faults are likely to be the cause of the property owner or the line provider (BT charge £135 for this service!).  I can also advise on improving networks, making them faster and more reliable as well as investigating network faults.

Examples of the networking services I offer include:

  • Investigate existing problems with wired or wireless connections

  • Reconfigure existing networking hardware for optimum performance

  • Improving wireless network coverage

  • Faster networking

  • Powerline networking

  • Extending networks.

Whatever your networking requirements, give me a call on 01243 374585 and we can discuss how I can help.

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