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System Healthchecks

If you are a car owner, you give your car an MOT or service every year in order to keep it running at its best.  Computers are no different...

Depending on its usage, I normally recommend that a computer system is serviced every year,  This helps to ensure that it is running at its best, can identify the early signs of any impending problems, and can gelp to improve the performance and lifespan of your computer.

Prices start from £50 inc VAT for the System Healthcheck service, £60 inc VAT when carried out on customer premises.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks being carried out:

  • Clean-up and removal of temporary and unnecessary files that your computer routinely generates and stores as part of its everyday operation (NOT your personal files). This will free up hard drive space and improve the speed of your machine.

  • Clean-up of the sysyem registry (Windows systems) which is where the operating system stores settings and  logs of recently accessed files, some of which are actually no longer required.

  • The removal of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that are usually unknowingly installed with other software downloads (e.g. unwanted browser plugins), bloatware etc.

  • The updating and installation of all necessary and appropriate operating system updates, additional sofwtare updates plus hardware device driver updates to ensure they are installed correctly and are up to date.

  • A basic virus/spyware check

  • A full defragmentation of the hard disk to re-organise the files in a more orderly, and structured manner to reduce disk access times making your system run faster.

I will also advise or make recommendations on any additional actions or solutions which may be beneficial to your system but all advice if free, impartial and there is no hard-sell.

If you would like me to give your computer system some much needed TLC, give me a call on 01243 374585 and we can arrange a convenient time for me to look at this for you.

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